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My pro-life post

If you really are pro-life, then I assume you support everyone’s life—including the lives of black people; the lives of gay men, lesbians, and bisexual people; the life of a Syrian refugee child; the life of a transwoman or transman.

If you truly are pro-life…that means you’re interested in ways to support people through some of the most difficult moments in their lives—whether it was an intended pregnancy with a precipitous medical condition; a non-consensual experience; or despite all efforts to use effective contraception, that little plus sign appeared. These are not moments that happen blithely, as folks in business suits discuss talking points across a conference table. Pregnancies—both intended and unintended—are in the unsanitized realm of life—the messy, sometimes bloody, ooey-gooey part of our existence. And in those moments, people need support and compassion more than ever.

For the most part, once an American is alive, they’re one healthcare crisis away from a life of bankruptcy. Identifying as “pro-life” implies that you are supportive of all people being confident that anyone can receive medical care—without vacillating over whether or not the service is covered by their insurance or how much is left on the deductible. There’s an inference that you also support the guarantee for children—from birth until age 18—to have comprehensive, preventative care from doctors, dentists, and optometrists at a minimum. It is not demanding or unrealistic to expect that one of the most advanced nations in the world is able to provide basic medical care for its citizens.

Staying alive also includes eating. For many reasons, American families don’t eat as much or as well as they could under better economic circumstances. Does being pro-life include advocating for better access to more nutritious food, and bolstering support for the programs that assist families who are struggling to make ends meet?

But being “pro life” doesn’t just mean staying alive—it means living with enjoyment, success and fulfillment, which is difficult when one in five Americans will struggle with mental illness at some point, and often goes untreated due to the cost of mental health care. As someone advocating for life, it seems appropriate to support more comprehensive and affordable options for mental health care.

And if someone is alive, they will need education. As a pro-lifer, you’d want to make sure all children had a challenging, supportive environment to learn and grow while they prepare to take on this miraculous, wonderful life. You’d want teachers to be well-compensated, to know that all children felt safe and welcome at school, and that students were able to plan for a future instead of assigning themselves to a life of serfdom by pursuing higher education.

Living also means having a place to live, which is nearly impossible in many cities. Even some of those who own their homes are merely one catastrophe away from complete ruin, because they don’t have the options to spring for expansive insurances or complete a total renovation. Where homes are actually in an affordable range, many potential buyers are turned away due to their expansive debt—mostly due to exorbitant medical and education costs. As someone who’s “pro-life,” wouldn’t it make sense to support the promotion of affordable forever homes for children and families?

And living doesn’t just mean being healthy and educated—living includes loving, and having romantic and sexual fulfillment (for some reason American or Western culture in general wants to keep that second part a BIG secret, so shhh) in their lives, and not bringing unintended lives into the world. Being pro-life would imply that you’re interested in ensuring that all people learn how to make informed, medically accurate decisions about sexual activity, contraception, healthy relationships, and what options are available for those who experience sexual violence. And you would want to make sure Americans—especially young Americans—had access to a multitude of options for affordable, effective contraception to protect themselves and prevent pregnancy.

Thankfully, as a “pro-lifer,” there are a multitude of organizations you can support that help people in many of these ways. One agency in particular provides, to anyone regardless of their race, gender, or political party, many preventative healthcare services at an affordable rate; birth control and contraception to many who would not otherwise be able to obtain it; information and counseling on healthy relationships, safe sex and contraception; and support for those impacted by sexual violence. You’ve probably already heard of them. They’re called Planned Parenthood.



From the finger lakes region of western NY.

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